Bleu Royale Rattery

Where rats are royalty

UPDATED 2021!!!!

Don't worry, we are still open and adopting out rats! Hantavirus free! - 06-15-2021 (latest test date)

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Welcome to Bleu Royale Rattery's Website

We are located in Sacramento, California


We breed rats for health, temperment and type.


As of 2021 we are concentrating on breeding American Blue and Russian Blue (and dilutes) in Hooded,

Berkshire and Self. We also breed them in Marble and Marten.

We breed Siamese in Black and Red Eyed, Russian Blue and Sable as

well as Sable and Wheaten Burmese.

We have a new line of silvermane 

Our rats come in dumbo and standard ears, rex and standard fur.


17 November 2021

5 Litters due!



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